Book Titles

Some day the book will come out.  It will need a title.  Here are some ideas I am playing with. Please  use the comments section to tell me what you think.  Come back often because I will add title possibilities as I think of them:
  • Nostalgia Revisited: Memory and Identity in Catholic Derry 1896-1969
  • Anticipating the Future Through the Past: Memory and Identity in Catholic Derry 1896-1969
  • A Considerable Breeze of Change: Memory as Community Identity in Derry City 1896-1969
  • The Ever-Changing Past: Constructing Memory and Community Identity in Derry
  • Gerrymandered Memories: Derry City 1896-1969
  • Memory as a Felt History: Derry Catholics and Their Conceptions of the Past 1896-1969
  • Provocations: A History of Memory in Catholic Derry 
  • Tickling the Lion's Tale: The Power of the Past in Catholic Derry


  1. This one. "Nostalgia Revisited: Memory and Identity in Catholic Derry 1896-1969".

    1. thanks. I like that one, too. I am not sure about "revisited," though.

  2. I love "Gerrymandered Memories". It evokes so many thoughts and questions on public history that I would want, no, need, to read this to see how one place has dealt with it.

  3. I say go with Gerrymandered Memories, for the reasons Anonymous says, but also because it's such a comment on the history of "Londonderry, or Derry, as the nationalists call it" (In the words of the NY Times).