News about projects with which  my students and I are involved and articles/posts in which I am quoted as a specialist:

Explore the Places Project

Summer 2017 Grundy County TV

Old Fashioned Hoedown Staged at the Highlander Folk School

Drawing the People’s Map

Spring 2017 Grundy County TV

Highlander Hoedown

Students Share the History of the Highlander Folk School

Grundy County Historical Society Christmas Lunch

Mountain Homecoming

Sewanee Students Continue to Share the Story of Highlander

Fall 2016 Grundy County TV

Students Help Write the History of Highlander

Sewanee Students Help to Create a Pop Up Mueum 

Sewanee students offer historical tours of the Highlander Folk School 

Free tours at Highlander Continue

Sewanee SOUP raises funds for community projects

History professor Margo Shea awarded competitive Mellon fellowship

Failure: What is it Good For?

Museums reinvented, renewed 

Bringing the past into the future


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